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About Us

About Us

 Evolve Performance Water was founded in 2015 in Port Washington, WI, a small village 30 miles from Milwaukee. 

Our mission is to provide the world with the best natural water and completing that mission is what every member of the Evolve family strives for on a daily basis. 

We took our first step towards fulfilling our mission with the introduction of our 9.5 (pH) Evolve Health Focus alkaline water product which contains the highest natural pH levels of any water on the market! Our value proposition has attracted the attention of many retailer partners and as a result, our retail base expanded from 6 stores at the end of 2015, to nearly 50 in a matter of months.

Evolve Difference


How do we produce an alkaline water with a 9.5 (pH) level? To keep it simple, we utilize an innovative technology that enables the simultaneous size reduction of water molecules and energizing of oxygen molecules. The molecular dynamic creates an alkaline water containing 700 times the activated oxygen levels as compared to regular bottled water. This effectively allows your body to rapidly re-hydrate for optimal results. 

This means our products are 100% natural, unlike our competitors who achieve similar pH levels through means of chemical additions and other additives.

Our Core Values

 Despite our growth, we continue to remain humble to our Midwestern roots. What does this mean? 

  • Local: Our products will forever be 100% locally sourced and manufactured in the US to support local economies. We even blow our own bottles at our plant in Polar, Wisconsin! 
  • Natural: Our waters will always be the direct byproduct of nature. Our alkaline waters are 100% pure natural Wisconsin spring water and contain no stimulants, no sugars, and no artificial ingredients.
  • Charity: We will continue to make effort in supporting local charities we believe deliver tremendous value to greater society. For every case of water we sell, $0.50 is donated to various charities across Southeastern, WI.


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