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About Us

About Us


 Evolve water was founded in 2015 in Port Washington, WI, a small village 30 miles from Milwaukee. 

Our mission is to provide the world with the best natural water and completing that mission is what every member of the Evolve family strives for on a daily basis. 

We took our first step towards fulfilling our mission with the introduction of our 9.5 (pH) Evolve water product which contains the highest natural pH levels of any water on the market! Our value proposition has attracted the attention of many retailer partners and as a result, our retail base expanded from 6 stores at the end of 2015, to nearly 50 in a matter of months.

Evolve Difference


There are two different kinds of alkaline waters offered on the market today.  The first kind of alkaline water is ionized water, which is electrically-charged water, brands like Essentia, Real, etc.  Ionized water uses electrolysis (or an electric current) to break apart the molecules in the water in order to increase the pH.  However, ionized water has hard (inactive) minerals in the water, which our body has a difficult time absorbing.  Also, once the electric current is removed, the water eventually loses its electrical charge and reverts to its neutral state, therefore, rapidly diminishing the pH.  Once the pH is diminished, ionized water is no different than tap water.  The second kind of alkaline water is ionic mineral water, like Evolve's alkaline water.  Evolve ionic mineral alkaline water doesn’t use an electric current, but it only uses minerals in their ionic form to raise the pH.  There are no hard (inactive) minerals in the water; therefore, compared to ionized alkaline waters currently on the market, Evolve Water has unique advantages that far exceed all other brands. Evolve has the water technology to make the first and only all-natural ionic mineral alkaline bottled drinking water with the highest and most stable pH of any bottled water in the world, with a pH ranging from 9 to 10.

Our Core Values


 Despite our growth, we continue to remain humble to our roots. What does this mean? 

  • Taste: Evolve has the best tasting water in the world, our spring was voted 2017 best tasting water by Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. 
  • Natural: Our waters will always be the direct byproduct of nature. Our alkaline waters are 100% pure natural spring water.
  • Charity: We will continue to make effort in supporting local charities we believe deliver tremendous value to greater society. For every case of water we sell, $0.50 is donated to various charities across Southeastern, WI.


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