Why Drink Alkaline Water?

With the proliferation of processed foods, far to many of our diets contribute to chronic low-grade acidosis. This is an underlying condition that may be associated with heart problems, altered hormonal statuses, and the loss of bone or muscle. 

Alkaline water is enriched with alkalizing compounds that may assist in neutralizing acids in your bloodstream. This may help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively, leading to better health and performance in physical activities. 

Bring It To The Gym Or On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Fluid Retention

Alkaline water may allow people participating in physical activities to retain more fluid in the cardiovascular system and simultaneously decrease urine output and blood osmolality. The reduction of blood osmolality is critical as high plasma osmolality is commonly associated with heightened risk of stroke and heart disease. 

Improved Performance

Alkaline water may increase performance during physical activities. Fatigue occurs when intense exercises trigger the production of hydrogen ions at a rate more rapidly than the body can efficiently remove. Alkaline water may enhance the body's buffering capacity and subside the acidity, leading to an increase in performance.

Treat Your Body Right

Neutralize Toxins

Disinfectant By-Products, or DBP, form when disinfectants interact with organic matter in our tap water. Studies show that alkaline water may neutralize the dangers of some BDPs by neutralizing them.

Stomach Health 

Oxidation-Reduction Potential, or ORP, measures the tendency of a solution to either acquire or lose electrons when subject to change by the introduction of a new species. Alkaline water has a negative ORP, implying it may offer extra disinfectant properties against dangerous microorganisms

Glycation Control

The formation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) occurs when simple sugar molecules like fructose or glucose attach to proteins or lipid fats without the equalization of an enzyme. AGEs are commonly associated with Alzheimer's and diabetes. Alkaline water seems to result in lowered glycation levels and reduced liver damage in rats with poor blood sugar control.

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