Julie Vernig, Carr Valley Cheese

 "Evolve is an amazing tasting water and an amazing company to work with! The exceptional customer service coupled with this quality product made it an easy relationship to forge. I look forward to working with Joshua and Team Evolve in the future." 

Heather Bialk

"Great taste, great feeling, great company. I love supporting a small business who is selling a seriously great product and best of all based in not only the USA but in my own state. 5 stars may not be enough, but is the best Facebook allows."

Jen Gantner Gasser

"This water is the best tasting water on the market! Our whole family loves it! Great tasting and refreshing. My husband takes several bottles with him to work everyday. He says, "On a long day of welding the water gives you energy and fulfills your thirst" As a family, we are proud to support a locally owned business."

Brad Seavers, Brad Seavers Racing

"In my professional racing career if I learned anything about racing is that you need good fuel if you need to run up front. Let me tell you my mind and body is in victory lane because of the Evolve High Performance water and it tastes great. Thank you for helping me be healthy and fast." 

Jackie Adlington

"There are so many reasons why I'm grateful for Evolve Performance Water. Aside from the great taste, Evolve alkaline water metabolizes nutrients in my body much more effectively, creating many health benefits, as well as improving my bike rides! Thank you Josh Haas for being part of Evolve and making this local product more accessible. And Evolve supports local charities! Thanks Josh! "